The Ghost Eater

The Ghost Eater

Winner 2004 Dream Realm Award

Two hundred years ago, the Wizards led their worshippers through an enchanted portal to a new world. The magical Ways of the world’s natives were no match for the Wizards’ devastating sorcery, and soon the invaders had conquered almost all the native peoples. Only the Ahkan’it remained free. Desperate to keep the secret of creating the soul-devouring zombies known as ghost eaters, the Ahkan’it faced an army that held the advantage in terms of numbers, magic, and technology.

And won.

Centuries later the land of New Rhylach is peaceful. The Ahkan’it have been forgotten, and the other natives are confined to prison-like Sanctuaries. The Wizards and their powers departed long ago, leaving the world without magic. Or so it would seem.

Gwendith Smithswife has just been released from an insane asylum, where she was confined due to her terrifying visions. No one, including Gwendith herself, believes that there is anything to these visions save for madness.

The ghost eater lost everything that he was when he became undead: his name, his place in society, and the woman he loved. Even his home is denied to him when the animal spirits send him on a quest to find one of the hated Enemies and bring her back to Ahkan’i lands. After months of searching, he finally locates the woman he is looking for…only to discover that she has been driven to the brink of madness by an uncontrolled Way. A Way that no Enemy is supposed to possess.

Now Gwendith and the ghost eater must face a danger that threatens both their worlds. But can two people who have lost literally everything find the courage to save it all?

2004 Dream Realm Award Winner

Note: Available in digital formats only.

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