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Tyrant Moon (Moon, Sun, Star – Book 1) – Now Available!

Tyrant Moon

Once the most powerful of the Athraskani wizards, Thraxis can no longer use his magic thanks to a death curse cast on him by the rogue mage Balthazar. In a society where a wizard’s power determines his status, Thraxis has gone from being one of the elite to a barely-tolerated burden.

From the day of her birth, The Arrow That Flies the Farthest was destined to be the Champion of the Red Feather Clan. Her strength and prowess against the other Champions of the Skald clans has allowed the Red Feathers to dominate the steppes. But when the coming of Balthazar plunges the Skald into all-out war, Arrow must turn to the wizards for help. Their only aid comes in the form of Thraxis—a dying man whose use of magic will only kill him faster.

Together, Arrow and Thraxis must stop Balthazar before he can crush the last of those who yet oppose him. But can a man sworn to do no harm and a woman born to kill find the common ground to defeat their enemy, before time runs out for them both?

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